I know what you’re thinking… another blog again?? 

First, yes! Second, I promise this is the last “move” I’ll be making. 

You might know me from [Team Morena] and if you do, you would know that I always wanted to rebrand my first blog – for reasons you’ll soon learn in later posts. I thought starting a new blog on Medium would work for me but after a few articles and then, Medium seemed only apt for my writing portfolio, thus explains the random niches and copies on my profile. Forgive me for not warning you earlier! It’s just that Medium wasn’t reaching the audience I wanted it to reach.

After much given thought, I decided to start my new blog here, on WordPress. After years of using Blogspot, I feel like a total cavegirl starting on WordPress so bear with me!

My old blogs, Team Morena and Medium will still be up. Team Morena is just so hard to let go! All the years I put in writing on it. Team Morena also showed the young, happy side of me with those random ramblings. It was fun. My Medium profile, on the other hand, will be kept just to be used as my freelance writing portfolio.

Going back, I’ve been thinking of rebranding but I wasn’t so sure with what to call it. It wasn’t until three months after graduation has passed when I realized something. You know how in Alice in Wonderland was thinking about six impossible things before breakfast? That is literally me thinking six impossible things before breakfast early in the morning (midnight).

So I would write down all these ideas in a notebook and I would read them in the morning. While they sound crazy to me, I think they’re not bad (LOL or maybe this is just me saving myself). I decided to name this blog “GIRL WHO WON’T SETTLE” in the pursuit of those crazy dreams… and just because I don’t think I’ll ever settle. (Ahhh, blame all those dreamer movies and entrepreneurship books I read when I was young but -)

If you’re looking for advice on how to start freelancing, side-hustling (if you call it) or anything on creative entrepreneurship – you’re looking in the right place, this blog is for you. ♡

Let me share with you the secrets and experiences (flops included) that I’ve gone through trying to start out. It is hard and you know, I’m just a fresh graduate trying not to get broke. So for now, stick around and let’s help each other do just that. 😉

PS. I’m obsessed with the usual handwritten snail mail but emails work fine too! Hit me up in case you wanna talk about anything (idea, concept, feelings, etc).

Here for you,

Meli (melissaungco@gmail.com | @caramelyyy)

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